Analysis of the Impact of the Reliance on Digital Technology

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Analysis of the Impact of the Reliance on Digital Technology and it’s Effect on the Learning of Traditional Art Competencies in Visual Literacy for Special Needs Students by Bradley S. Rosenau Digital art has become an accepted media form and a part of the art curriculum in many school districts in America. Unfortunately the majority of teaching materials readily available such as textbooks and online tutorials stress the electronic creation and manipulation of digitized images with little or no attention paid to addressing the fundamental principles of art making. This research study exams the impact that digital art has on students with special needs in an art classroom in a career and technical education environment. In this study students created both hand drawn illustrations and digital versions of artwork with the intent of seeing the connection of both as artistic forms of communication and expression. During the process the teacher’s lesson materials deliberately introduce the students to art vocabulary terms and concepts that the students with special needs were able to apply in digital media. Student success was in evidence not only during the action research study, but afterward students with special needs working independently were able to mindfully apply the learned concepts in other electronic art projects....

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