ArtWellIt happened so fast – it’s a blur! The Executive Director of ArtWell, Susan Teegan-Case came to visit me at Moore College and when she left—I was on the Board!

She enticed me with things I am passionate about—children, learning through art experiences, and a joyous nurturing of one’s spirit. How could one not be excited about programs that help children discover their worth? To be a part of the energy that makes reflective art practices for youth happen—nourishes me!

Leaving a meeting feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired is exactly the way members of the ArtWell Board leave the room. Because that’s what we do—we refresh, rejuvenate and inspire young people by connecting them to their best selves through the arts. Talk about making a difference in a life—we do that over and over and over again.

Using reflective arts programming, ArtWell fosters creativity, enhances communication and literacy skills, deepens understandings of self and community, and ultimately reduces violence and increases peace within Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia region.


NAEA and PAEA are art education professional organizations that connect art educators from around the state and the country with each other and with resources that help better our teaching practices. The conferences are packed with relevant presentations, which leave me wishing I could be in two places at one time.

NAEA LogoFor NAEA, I am currently president-elect of the Special Needs in Art Education Issues Group. In 2013, I will become president and continue the responsibility of reviewing proposals for the national convention with the added responsibility of writing articles for the NAEA News Journal and presiding over meetings.



PAEA logoFor PAEA, I serve as the Board representative for the Arts in Special Education, my role is to:

• Attend to core list
• Solicit resources for the field
• Informs Board of new legislation and professional development opportunities in field