Graduate Program Manager Participates in National Forum on Arts and Special Education

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I was invited to participate in a National Thought Forum to discuss a national agenda on the intersection of Arts and Special Education held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.   You can read more about it on the Moore College of Art and Design website.

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Returning to Learning

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Kim Gavin, a current candidate for an MA in Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations was interviewed by the Metro for the column – Returning to Learning – because she was coming back to college to continue her education. 1. Where do you live? In the rough and tumble Kensington section of Philadelphia. 2. What school are you attending? Moore College of Art & Design — best school in Philadelphia for Art Ed. 3. How did you select the school you are attending? I selected Moore because of its legacy forhelping women in the arts and its reputation for excellence. 4. Why did you...

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Grad Art Ed Inquirer Article

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Philadelphia Inquirer Article: Moore College program trains art teachers for special-needs students [exert] “We are not a master’s of arts in special education. We are not art therapy. We are art educators focusing on students with disabilities,” Horoschak said of the program, which began in summer 2009. She said art teachers have long known the importance of using art—an inherently hands-on subject—to reach students who struggle to learn. The Moore program specializes in helping practicing art teachers hone their craft and collaborate with educators in other disciplines....

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