Making Their Mark

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Oral histories from Moore Alum: Lynne has spent almost a lifetime at Moore – from being an undergrad, to teaching part time, to chairing the department, and now starting a new graduate program. “You put into (Moore) whatever you want, and you get it back four-fold. It’s a great place to be.” Lynne is also an exhibiting oil painter. Her work is an expression of her emotions and...

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Distinguished Alumnae Award

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Moore College of Art & Design honored me with a Distinguished Alumnae Award. The listing read as follows: Lynne Jordan Horoschak ’66, Distinguished Alumnae Award 1999—art educator and artist. Horoschak has been an  art educator for over 30 years working much of the time as a mentor and teacher of students with special challenges and learning needs. She currently is the program manager of Moore’s new Masters in Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations, the only one of its kind. She received the George Bartol Arts in Education Fellowship in 1999 and a Pennsylvania...

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