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1. Be consistent.

2. Laugh!

3. Children often tattle…he did this—she did that…and you are working at teaching a lesson and keeping 33 students in control. Time out for 20 individual he/she dids becomes a bit overwhelming. I have found that a simple “Thank you for telling me” usually works to keep all parties happy.

4. Children love to clean up. Use it as a reward.

5. Learn from your students.

6. Honestly evaluate your lessons. What could you do, say or demonstrate differently to make the lesson more productive, more exciting and more interactive?

7. Be sure to use good quality slides of artwork and preview them first to ensure that they are in the right order and not upside-down or backwards.


9. Post “Art Room Rules” where all the children can read them.

10. When you mean, “Everyone look up here,” say,”Everyone look up here.” Not “Everyone up here.” Say what you mean.

11. Try not to say “Who can tell me?” You’ll get a better response with, “Tell me” or “Let’s see what you remember.”

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